Mission:Information, transforming communities through information ministry

Innovate. Inspire. Transform.

Information. It is the partner of knowledge, the catalyst of formation. It is a creative, generating force behind faith communities. We strive to reconnect faith communities with this concept of information.

In an age when so much is changing with communication and technology, there is a need for churches to lean in and thoughtfully engage. Not just to adopt the next new thing, but to prayerfully consider how it might change the religious experience for individuals and the faith community. We want to help with that.

What is Information Ministry?

Download our Transformation Plan here (PDF, 91KB)

Information ministry is not one specific type of ministry. It is a way of thinking about how the church carries out its mission. It is understanding the information needs of the congregation alongside its social and spiritual needs, being attentive to the information that is generated through spiritual practices, and innovating transformative ministries that more faithfully fulfill the church's mission.

At its best, information ministry permeates the fabric of a church, infused in everything the congregation does. It is a vision of the church fully engaged in our rapidly changing, increasingly digital society, proclaiming the Gospel in prophetic ways.

In the beginning was the Word
and the Word was with God
and the Word was God.
—John 1:1, CEB

Information is at the core of Creation. Many have come to think of information as a tangible, quantifiable thing—a commodity to be traded and consumed. In reality, information is what drives existence. It is what inspires and enables humanity to create and organize ourselves in communities. In return, communities continue to generate information that promotes growth and expansion.

Mission:Information aspires to bring this concept of information to faith communities and church leaders, to encourage theological reflection on the role of information in a congregation, and to faciliate dialogue that may lead to long-term solutions and positive change.

Our Story

portrait of Myka Kennedy Stephens by Merri Lutzker Stephens

Mission:Information is the brain-child of founder Myka Kennedy Stephens. She began consulting in late 2006 with churches in the Atlanta area seeking to renew their library ministries. When her family relocated to the Chicago area in 2009, she began developing the Mission:Information website as an online resource for library and information ministries.

At the start of 2013, Myka began preparing Mission:Information to enter its third phase of growth. Shifting focus to the role and function of information in faith communities, we are now reintroducing our consulting services and are developing tools and training resources for church leaders seeking to engage in information ministry.

Myka is a United Methodist Deaconess, serving in this ministry at the appointment of her bishop. Mission:Information is overseen by an exceptional volunteer advisory team. To learn more about Myka and her professional experience, please visit her website.

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